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Beaded Curtain in Dewdrop Dreams

Beaded Curtain in Dewdrop Dreams

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8 inches in width x 7 inches in length 

(Chain is 15 inches in width. There's extra chain on each side to dangle it so the actual crystal part is 8 inches in width x 7 inches in length)

Introducing our enchanting Crystal Beaded Curtain, a magical addition to transform any space into a realm of fantasy and wonder. Crafted with exquisite, shimmering crystals, this curtain not only captures and dances with sunlight but also radiates a captivating genie vibe. Hang it in your window or any space where sunlight can weave its magic through the beads, casting a spell of sparkling brilliance. Elevate your surroundings with this ethereal touch and let the enchantment unfold. Step into a world of fantasy every time the light dances through these magical crystals.

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